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Connie Lockhart Ellefson is an engineer and professional organizer. She has been designing schemes to get water to flow downhill (drainage engineer) for more decades than you would have thought possible for a sane adult. Despite how fun that sounds, she has also taken time off to write books on three fairly unrelated topics, ethnic baby names, xeriscape gardening, and now, decluttering your life. She discovered that inspiring people to clear the space, through speaking, writing, and even some in-the-trenches organizing, speaks to her soul better than creating utility lines and grading plans on the computer all day. Learn more at

Questions for Connie

  • What’s the basic idea of this book?
  • What does “clear the space” mean? Clear the space for what?
  • What does “The Rush” mean?
  • How is this book different from other organizing books?
  • Who can benefit from this book?
  • You said it’s in 3 sections. Does it have to be read in order if you’re only interested in one or two of the sections?
  • Do you have to completely declutter in one area for the others to work?
  • Why do we need another book on organizing?
  • What led you to write this book?
  • What’s your #1 decluttering tip?

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