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ISBN: 978-1629672434
212 Pages (5.5 x 8.5) ~ 57,500 words (4-hour read-time)
Price: $14.95
Distributor: Ingram


The hidden cost of clutter in our lives.

Whether physical, emotional, or possessional, clutter takes up space in our psyches and calendars that we can reallocate towards living a more creative, energetic, and fulfilling life.

While the idea of decluttering and downsizing appeals to many of us, it remains an elusive goal. Marie Kondo is credited with creating a movement around the 'Life-Changing Magic' of decluttering.

Clear the Space, Feel the Rush expands far beyond Kondo's work. Author Connie Lockhart Ellefson shows how decluttering can be accomplished not only with our belongings (our "stuff"), but with our thoughts and emotions, and our bodies, as well.

Connie shares how her 'decluttering' journey ultimately led to a life of enthusiasm, enjoyment, and lightness. She discovered you can approach decluttering from any of several directions, not just your possessions. Progress in one area positively impacts the others, and the resulting rush of energy not only allows the real you to emerge but has exhilarating effects on your mental and physical health.


"Connie has been the most productive person I know! She always has an answer for any question regarding the processes of organizing, planning, and effective solutions for personal health. I'm glad that she has decided to share with us all. This book is the culmination of Connie's wisdom in dealing with this often confusing and scattered world and our place in it!

~ Robin Korn, Professional Organizer, Certified Senior Advisor, Space Wranglers, LLC

Never would I have thought that reading a book about decluttering could be fun. However, Connie magically makes it so. No judgements, no hard fast rules. Just honest, self pacing advice that puts a smile on my face every time I turn a page. Heartfelt, kind, sensitive, practical and useful are the written words on each page. It really makes you think about just how powerful you can be- if you allow yourself to be! Thank you Connie for shedding light and love on more than just how to declutter your personal space but also for being a wonderful guide in helping the reader achieve so much more!

~ Nancy Griffin, Realtor

"I love Connie's 'whole person' approach to decluttering. It is impossible for us to do better than our thinking will allow. So often people attempt to declutter by using will power and muscling through it. This approach seldom works and even when it does, it is usually not sustainable, because, the physical clutter is a side effect of the mental and emotional clutter. Connie's book helps people to address clutter on all levels, which greatly increases the odds for success and positive change."

~ Jonathan Manske, author of The Law of Attraction Made Simple

Exhilaration is waiting for us, and Clear the Space, Feel the Rush is the concise road map to get us there sooner rather than later! The author wisely segmented this delightful book between decluttering the mind, body, and stuff so the reader can immediately address what is individually most pressing. Reading this insightful and informative book blossomed into the real life changes I have longed to realize!

~ Ronda Steinke-McDonald, Author of What the Soul Wants for Christmas, Open Yourself to Fresh Celebrations of the Holidays...and Life